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In unity, we can build a safer and more sustainable Cambridge.


Affordable Housing

Educational Equity and Community

Climate Justice


Public Safety


Affordable Housing

  • Hold Harvard and MIT to a higher standard in our PILOT agreements in order to create more affordability

  • Continuing to strengthen the Affordable Housing Overlay to make Cambridge more accessible and sustainable

  • Establish rent stabilization to help maintain the integrity of Cambridge’s vibrant life

  • Create an emergency rental assistance program to support eviction fillings on the basis of economic instability

  • Create resources for marginalized communities to seek housing in Cambridge

  • Create a trust for marginalized communities that provide city grants to build diverse generational prosperity

Educational Equity and Community

  • Create universal after-school care for all youth in Cambridge

  • Strengthen our universal pre-K program to make it 100% accessible

  • Integrate Harvard/MIT/Lesley with CPS to address educational gaps via workshops, mentorship, and college preparation on a variety of disciplines

  • Strengthen the relationship between School Committee and City Council through integrated meetings

  • Partner with Boston sports teams to create events within the Cambridge community

  • Make more accessible and colorful pathways for walkers, seniors, and people with disabilities. 

  • Welcome Cambridge newcomers with a resource packet about Cambridge in order to foster more community between long-term residents and transitory residents 

  • Improve accessibility for seniors to stay integrated in Cambridge and maintain their well-being


  • Work with Boston transportation to enhance MBTA transportation through incentives and a fare FREE #1 bus

  • Make sure bicycle safety ordinance is on track to be complete for bike-riders: see my pledge.

  • Provide stipends for community members to use bikes as their main mode of transportation

  • Create a robust plan to improve our sidewalks to make them accessible for all

  • Work to keep Memorial Drive open without impacting marginalized communities through partnership

  • Work to research for a pilot on-demand transportation system to connect neighborhoods that aren't close to MBTA lines. 

Climate Justice


  • Work to lower residential building emissions

  • Make the transition to renewable electricity more accessible to our residents

  • Protect our residents by growing our tree canopy 

  • Invest in more solar panels for city grid

Public Safety and Accountability

  • Increase the Cambridge City Police Department’s training

  • Create a safe communication system between people of color and the policing force that empowers people of color with their voice

  • Systemically investing in restorative justice in our government and school system

  • Allocate more funding to HEART - Cambridge's Holistic Emergency Alternative Response Team.

  • Creating an order to release names of officers who commit misconduct

  • Improve online engagement of local city government with community members—for complaints, recommendations, requests, etc.

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