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Muslim. Jordanian. Woman. Immigrant. Biker. Baller.


As a first generation immigrant from Jordan, I moved from place to place most of my life. Cambridge became my home. It’s where I’ve received my education at Harvard, where I rented my first apartment, and where I have found a deeply loving community. I am an advocate of education, teaching hundreds of students interpersonal and leadership skills. I have used sports as a unique platform to spark change within society through after-school programming, creating curriculum, and community building. I will fight for affordable housing, climate justice, transportation, and educational equity.

I extend you an invitation to join us. I would love to talk to you, hear your story, and see how I can be a hand or voice.

I can't wait to make you proud.

"Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public."
- C. West

Ayah Al-Zubi protesting for affirmative action in higher education in front of Supreme Court.

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